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A very beautiful handmade clay bowl made in Ghana. This footed bowl is hand -carved from clay in Ghana. Popularly known as Asanka in the Akan language, which is used to serve soups, salsa, dips and so much more.
This red brick or black clay is oven friendly and can be used for your baking dishes.

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Beautiful hand-crafted traditional earthenware originating from Ghana in West Africa. Made with organic African clay, it has a lightly carved motif decoration to interior and a beautiful deep patina in dark brown, a result of mineral rich African soil. This is the only one available in store at the moment.

In African cooking, it is used to enhance the natural flavour of poultry, meat, fish and vegetables. It is used for slow cooking, similar to tagine style – use straight from oven to table. As this style is lidless, you may cover with foil or greaseproof paper when cooking in the oven, if needs be.

I use mine as a decorative bowl on my coffee table – adding an unusually elegant injection of culture and texture to my decor. When it’s time for dinner parties and gathering, It’s a great bowl for serving, and a wonderful talking point.

This is an unglazed pot. To avoid cracks when cooking in the oven, soak the dish in water for 30 mins before each use, dry off, coat with a little olive oil inside the pot and place your recipe inside. Place in a cold oven and turn the oven on so the pot heats with the oven. Do not use on an electric hob.

It’s designed for open flame as this is how we use it in West Africa, but you need to use it on a gentle and consistent heat. It may change colour and darken if used over open flame.

Cooking with this pot inspires a real depth of flavour.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 2.5 in


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