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Yébésséssi 2 tomatoes 1 pepper 2 small onions   Slices 1 onion and set aside Put in a boiling water 2 tomatoes, 1 onion and pepper Let them boil until they soften Blend them with a little salt Pour the mixture on a plate and add the sliced onion and it’s ready. Serve with akoumé […]

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Kenkey (Fermented Maize Dumplings) with it sauce and fried fish

Other names: Kom, Dokunoo, Dokono, Dokunu, Dokonou, Kenkey Kenkey, dorkunu, dokonou or kom is a staple dish in Togo, Benin and Ghana similar to sourdough dumpling, usually served with pepper sauce, shitor (Yebesse fionfion) and fried fish or stew. It is usually made from ground corn (maize), like banku, Akoume, sadza and ugali. Making Kenkey […]