Baobab (Alangba)


Baobab flour is gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and keto-friendly, dairy-free, with no added sugar. Baobab Flour Made in Togo, rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin C, full of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and protein.

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6 Benefits of Baobab

Baobab is highly nutritious and different parts of the plant supply varying amounts of protein, vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and B vitamins.

Baobab is high in fiber and has been shown to reduce feelings of hunger which could promote weight loss.

Baobab may help slow the increase of blood sugar levels and decrease the amount of insulin needed to keep your blood sugar under control.

Animal studies show that baobab may help reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative damage to cells, but more research in humans is needed.

Baobab is high in fiber, which may improve digestive health and prevent conditions like constipation, intestinal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease and hemorrhoids.

Baobab is a fruit that has been associated with a number of impressive health benefits.

In addition to supplying many important nutrients, adding baobab to your diet may aid weight loss, help balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and optimize digestive health.

Best of all, baobab — at least in powdered form — is easy to find and incredibly versatile, making it easy to add to your diet and enjoy.


Because baobab is often sold in powder form, it can be used in smoothies, sauces, soups, and even baked goods. Here are some simple ways you can include baobab in your diet.

For a post-workout drink, stir a tablespoon of baobab powder in a glass of water to replenish the electrolytes lost during your workout.
Add a tablespoon to your favorite smoothie recipe for an extra boost of nutrients.
Elevate your yogurt by sprinkling a little baobab powder on top.
Mix a little powder into your baking. We recommend this chia seed pudding, a tasty and healthy treat that can easily incorporate some baobab.
Snack on our chewy baobab bites for a naturally sweet alternative to less wholesome, artificially sweetened fruit snacks.
While it may appear unassuming, baobab is a nutrient-rich and highly adaptable food. Plus, it only takes a tablespoon or two per day to reap the incredible health benefits of this exotic fruit.

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