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One of the best herbal leaves for the body. It’s used for cleansing of the body, and also for sexual health. You can use it for douche, and I don’t mean inserting the Djeka liquid inside your body. I mean as in rinsing the vagina with it. The Djeka leaves also kills parasites inside the stomach, when mixed with ginger.

  • THE RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS (The cough The sore throat – The bronchitis)
  • THE AFFECTIONS OF THE DEVICE GENITO – urinary (The feminine infertility – Help to clean the womb and the stomach of the impurities – urinary Infection – Tighten the muscles of the vagina – Help to remove the fat of the stomach according to pregnancy and facilitates the return of coat (layer)
  • ANTI – INANIMATE (Increase the rate of haemoglobin and iron in the blood Favor the appetite)
  • THE INTESTINAL PROBLEMS (stomach ulcers – The dysentery and the verses(worms) – the palpitation {fast beating of the heart} – Wound of stomach)
  • IN MOUTHWASH (troubles of teeth – caries)
  • STEAM BATH AND DRESS(TOILET) ORDERS Ideal for him after childbirth (delivery) – Bleeding after childbirth (delivery) – To stop the menstruations extended – Handles vaginites – Tighten the muscles of the vagina – Help to heal after an episiotomie)
    THE FRESH(COOL) SHEETS(LEAVES) (In suppository would handle haemorrhoids – In rectal injection would handle the impotence)


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