Ehuru (African Calabash Nutmeg)


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The seeds are the most economically important part of this tree. They are widely used in West Africa as a substitute for nutmeg in soups, stews and cakes. In traditional medicine, the seeds are used as a stimulant, stomachic and treatment for headaches. They are also used as rosary beads and are considered by some to have magical properties. The timber is easy to work and used for carpentry, turnery and walking sticks.

Ehuru has its own medicinal properties like detoxifying your body, improving skin health, helps fight against leukemia, improves mental function and helps treat insomnia.

This medium-large sized tree has lush foliage.
The huge and oblong leaves are particularly beautiful, they sprout purple and become dark green, with the metallic green below. It is one of the most famous tropical species for its fragrant blooms that are unsurpassed for their beauty and originality.
The rather large and pungent seeds are used as nutmeg to flavor food, or are roasted, ground and applied to heal wounds or forehead to relieve headaches. It is also used to relieve anemia, hemorrhoids, sexual weakness and wounds.
The root is chewed for toothache. and arthritis.
It is cultivated mainly in Nigeria, where the seed is called ehuru or ehir or abo-lakoshe (in Yoruba), in the Moore Salata nagouri language.

Interesting as an ingredient for incense, it gives an exotic and pungent note.


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