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Hausa koko also known as spicy millet porridge, is a Ghanaian street food commonly eaten as breakfast meal. It can also be taken in late afternoon as snack. It is made from millet with a few local spices added to give it a particular taste and color.
Hausa koko (2 lbs / 1000g) by Cuisine228.
Made in Togo, 100% great for making porridge

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Hausa koko in Ghana also known as millet porridge is a popular Ghanaian breakfast delicacy often taken with ‘bofrot’ or bread.

Hausa koko recipe

½ cup Hausa koko flour
3 cups water

Mix the Hausa koko and 1 cup water till you obtain a smooth consistency.
Heat the rest of the water in a saucepan or cooking pot under medium heat.
Set some of the boiled water aside.
Pour the Hausa koko mixture into the boiling water and stir till the color changes to dark brown.
Add the reserved hot water if needed
Allow it to boil for few minutes and put the fire off.
Add milk and sugar to taste
Your Hausa Koko is ready for consumption.

Haussa Koko (1.1 lbs / 500g) by Cuisine228.
Made in Togo, 100% great for making porridge

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